Set Design for Tokyo Theatres Company’s brand “SCRE:EN” launch movie.

SCRE:EN’s launch movie was an exciting project that combined various elements, including the enchantment of movies, projections, and light, all aimed at imbuing a special significance to the projector screens commonly found in theaters and cinemas.

When a movie theater closes or when screens are replaced, the removed screens often end up being discarded with no apparent purpose. Rather than disposing of these screens,Tokyo Theatres Company came up with the idea of giving them a new life by transforming them into upcycled products. This not only adds value but also fosters a fresh and engaging connection between customers and the world of cinema, creating a new theater experience.

My challenge was to design a set that evoked a dreamy and mystical atmosphere, and creating a wall art using screens and bags proved to be one of the most challenging aspects, given the luxurious scale we had to work with.

Our sincere gratitude to Tokyo Theatres Company and to the entire NAKAMA team for letting us be part of this special project.


Tokyo Theatres Companyの「SCRE:EN」のローンチムービーのセットデザイン





Copyright © TOKYO THEATRES COMPANY Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Starring | Sena Nakajima @etrenne_official
Director | QQQ 

Director of Photography | Chris Rudz@chris.rudz
Art Director | Yumi Nagao @yuminagao_
Set Design: Akira Kamakura
Photographer: Hiroki Watanabe @watanabe_ph
Hair make up: Ryoki Shimonagata @shimo_nagata
Stylist: Yumi Nagao @yuminagao_
Costume design: Kotohayokozawa @kotohayokozawa
Knit design: Chihiro Hasunuma @knitchihiro
Production | NAKAMA @nakamafilm
Planning Production | Tokyo Theaters
Special Thanks | Ushio Lighting Inc.




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