AMOSTYLE 2022 Campaign

Debunking the stereotype of cuteness

( Debunking the stereotype of cuteness )

AMO’S STYLE is a sister brand under Triumph, a well known lingerie brand in Asia from 1886. AMOSTYLE inspires a new generation of women to live more freely, daring to pursuit their own Kawaii*. Originating in Japan, AMO’S STYLE is made for living in the moment, offering freedom, style and remarkably fit lingerie for today’s younger generation.

Their slogan: 64 million women in Japan. 64 million Kawaii. Amostyle is made for them all.

For a very long time, “Kawaii” has been a stereotype for women of a certain age, profile and personality especially in Japan. This campaign has a strong message that Kawaii does not come from external opinion but whoever you are, whatever stage of life you are in and what you do can also be called kawaii.

Interplay work alongside creative agency AKQA and visionary director, YUANN to crush that stereotype and democratize this age-old term so every women can live out their own “Kawaii” by showing scenarios of 16 different women with different background and personality style.

Art direction led by Agnes Nata who is a woman herself, she makes sure each scenario is relatable and real. Her hope is to create a world where women are able to see that they are not judged at whatever stage they are in with life but instead creating a world to show that each story and stage in life can and are to be embraced.

We color coordinated scenes with products so as to not distract but edify and focus on the talent’s world. Subtlety and balance is always in Interplay’s mind when it comes to creating someone’s world.

Since there were 19 different women’s stories to be told, we made sure we emphasized through the right lens of both the market and also the director’s. 

These powerful women included a skater, dancer, painter, mother, video gamer, Youtuber, DJ, foodie, surfer and so on. The shoot was done over 16 different locations over 4 days with locations in and outside of Tokyo.

We made sure through the whole shooting period, we reflected the energy of the film, fun and high energy from our Interplay team.


AMO’S STYLE 2022年キャンペーン:「カワイイを、攻めていく。」 - アートディレクションとプロップスタイリング

30年以上もの歴史を持つ「Triumph」のランジェリーブランド「AMO’S STYLE」は、新世代の女性をターゲットにした、より自由な生活を送るように、というコンセプトで、今の若い世代のための自由さ、スタイル、素晴らしいフィット感を提供しています。








「AMO’S STYLE」の新商品とシーン、市場と監督の適切な視点のバランスを常に強調するようにしました。

撮影は東京内外の16箇所で行われ、4日間にわたって行われました。 撮影期間全体を通して、INTERPLAYチームからは映画のエネルギーや楽しさ、高いエネルギーが反映されるようにしました。


Creative Agency: AKQA

Production: On Pro Studio and SANA Inc

Executive Producer: Oscar Nielson


Directed and edited by: Gen Yoshida

DOP: Yuki Ono

Gaffer: Kazuhide Toya

Producer: Ryuta Nagano

Line Producer: Yusuke Naka

Production Manager: Tsubasa Hirobe

Casting Director: Taka Arakawa


Styling: Shino Itoi

Set Design: lead by Agnes Nata

Set Design Team: Akira Kamakura, Julio Koshiishi, Miyuki Murakami, Adi Yanto

Hair: Takeshi Katoh

Make Up: Makiko Endo


Online Editor: Yasuyuki Washiya

Editor: Issam Kechouri

Sound Design: Moritz Staub

Colorist: Emiliano Serantoni

VFX: Gaston Carballal





Hitomi Rose



Nodoka Tsutsui



Maki Sugita



Miiya Kudo


Makino Natsuki

Yuki Beniya

Chikako Takemoto

Nanaka Matsukawa







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